The OpenGJK library

OpenGJK solves distance queries between convex objects and is designed for accuracy and robustness. The documentation is very accessible and is broken into the following sections.


OpenGJK is mainly developed and maintained by Mattia Montanari, but there are many contributors: Dr Ettore Barbieri, Agency for Marine-Earth Science (Japan) Dr Nicola Bombace, AMD (UK) Mr Edward Garemo, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) Prof.


OpenGJK is implemented in many open-source packages, including: Neper, PyBullet, and FEniCS. Get in touch if you have a case study to add to this list.


The library provides simple interfaces for: C C# Matlab Python C To this, first you need to compile the openGJK library, all guidelines are provided here.

How to compile

OpenGJK is simple to compile and install on Unix, but it runs on iOS and Windows as well. To do this, it uses CMake in a very standard fashion.